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Coloured Glass
Coloured Glass

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Coloured Glass

Coloured Glass are colour backed glass which have a diverse range of applications, such as kitchens, bathrooms and customised feature walls. Choosing from Cooling Brothers range of 66 unique and exciting colours, allows you to choose the perfect colour and make your personal style visibly present.

Our colour range includes a variety of colours consisting of metallic and solid colours. If our Coloured Glass range is not exactly what you desire then Cooling Brothers can offer custom colours of your choice.

Coloured Glass can be manufactured using a low iron glass called “diamante” offering clarity to your custom colour choice. As we cannot guarantee an exact match for your custom colour Cooling Brothers recommends the production of a sample for approval.

As Coloured Glass are custom made we can incorporate your need for cutouts for range hoods, power points, windows and also holes as required. No bolts or unsightly fixings mean that your Coloured Glass have clean sharp lines and are effortless to clean in comparison to traditional tiled grouted surfaces.

For renovations we recommend that the surface the Coloured Glass are to be fixed to should be as smooth as possible and consistent in colour to prevent a discoloration (while unlikely) appearing through the Coloured Glass.

  • Ocean Break
  • Insulcool
  • Vista View
  • Vista View
  • Gwa
  • Agga